Born and raised in the UK. After graduating from university the travel bug took hold and she ventured overseas. She landed in Bali, Indonesia; a lush island paradise famed for its art, culture, and recreation. Here she fell in love, learnt to surf, and gracefully fell into what was to be her new found passion, photography & video production.
After years of following swells around the world and capturing every surfers dream, her style has evolved to include weddings, marine life, portraiture, fashion and family photography.

Lucy has worked in Indonesia, Panama, England, America, and Australia. She has refined her art around the world. She is currently based in Australia where she is working for a number of clients producing high resolution photos and videos for marketing and social media purposes.


Surf; World Surfaris, Playground Surf Resort, Macaronis Surf Resort, SurfAid

Fashion; Manna Lifestyle, Petite Terre

Fitness; Flex Fitness Australia

Construction; Murray Plant & Civil

Marine Industry; Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard, Seaspec Marine Services, Sweep Marine Services, Riverside Marine Services, Wicked Fabrications, Harbour Force

Food; Jeeerks Beef Jerky

Transport & Logistics; Azapak Warehouse Packaging & Supplies

Lucy captures creative images, to tell a visual story and to express a mood in which she set.



WhatsApp +62 812 3687 5961

Mobile +61 438 288 487

Instagram @lucyravizza


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there.

    When’s the best time of year to go surfing in Indonesia? My level of surfing is at the intermediate level at the moment and I’m looking for making a trip to Indonesia to enhance my surfing.

    Cheers Cal


    • Hi Calum, sorry for late reply.
      I think if you are an intermediate surfer the best time to do a surf trip to indonesia is anytime between now and November. The season has just begun!


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