Petite Terre Swimwear

I enjoyed this shoot more than any other so far, for a few different reasons;

– the creator and designer of this swimwear label has become a good friend of mine over the past couple of years. Living in Indonesia (a popular tourist destination), people walk in and out of your life all the time, so i treasure close friendships.

– this brand has exactly what i look for when it comes to shopping for swimwear; good quality that lasts, a variety of pieces (but not too much that its overwhelming), and elegant yet simple pieces.

– and last but far from least… this is an eco friendly swimwear label! Now, if thats not a good selling point, then i don’t know what is. Hello people, this is 2017! We need to start contributing to saving the planet.

Skin Tight

Stop Drop Yoga
I travel a lot. Consequently, I can’t remember the last time i was in the same place for longer than 3 months!
The lifestyle i have chosen requires me to maintain a good amount of health & fitness, due to the high level of physical activity i endure day-to-day.
I can’t carry a gym around with me in my pocket, and there are definitely no fitness centres anywhere close to the remote places i work. Therefore, i have had to research and discover new ways to train and motivate myself (without the help of an instructor) to keep my body strong, athletic, and healthy.

Ahhh, the skipping rope. I love to skip myself thin (big smile). Its a great way to burn calories whilst strengthening the upper and lower body. Unlike a treadmill, a skipping rope can fit into your suitcase, and if done properly its a lower-impact activity than jogging. I don’t know about you guys, but my joints like to give me grief.


I already have enough clothes, bikinis, and shoes weighing down my suitcase, the last thing i need is to be carry around 5kg dunbbells. Soooo, think innovative! Grab a brick (or 2), fill a 2 litre bottle full of sand, or do as i do and snag a big piece of coral from the beach. I love to have that extra bit of weight when im squatting. No one wants a flat bootay!

Beach Bums

Its not easy to motivate yourself day in and day out to maintain that bod you’ve been working so hard for. We all need a little encouragement, which is why i choose to follow a workout plan i believe in, written by a woman who inspires me; Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide. This woman is badass, and her guide is my bible. With her huge following on Instagram and other social media you don’t have to be present at her bootcamps to feel the love, just go online to see what workouts the ‘Kayla Community’ are doing today and join the action. An online mentor… you can’t get more convenient than that #kaylasarmy Amen

Bikini Body Guide Kayla Itsines

Hello World… lets get creative!

Determining ones future is never easy. I ask myself many questions everyday; Where will i be in 5 years from now? What will I be doing with my life? When should I start a family?

The more often we see the things around us, even the beautiful and wonderful things, the more they become invisible to us. We need to stop focusing on the things we don’t have at this very moment in time, and start focusing on what we do have.

So, here we are, 2.5 years into a loving relationship, nomadic living, exploring all opportunities and capturing every moment through a lens… Welcome to IndoVibes.

Surf Check

Surf Check