Petite Terre Swimwear

I enjoyed this shoot more than any other so far, for a few different reasons;

– the creator and designer of this swimwear label has become a good friend of mine over the past couple of years. Living in Indonesia (a popular tourist destination), people walk in and out of your life all the time, so i treasure close friendships.

– this brand has exactly what i look for when it comes to shopping for swimwear; good quality that lasts, a variety of pieces (but not too much that its overwhelming), and elegant yet simple pieces.

– and last but far from least… this is an eco friendly swimwear label! Now, if thats not a good selling point, then i don’t know what is. Hello people, this is 2017! We need to start contributing to saving the planet.

Bikinis that Stick

I practically live in a bikini, and a bikini is just like a surf board… you need one for every occasion. But more importantly, you definitely need one thats going to do the trick, i.e. STICK! Especially when your surfing.

So far i have come to love 3 brands; 2 have been tried and tested and the other will be ordered very soon.

Karina Mattos Bikinis 
Karina Mattos Bikinis
I love these itsy bitsy Brazilian style bikinis. Karina’s bikinis have been one of my favs since i started surfing. They have that perfect Brazilian cut butt so you don’t have to worry about those unwanted tan lines, and a draw string around the waist, which makes these bottoms not only super sexy but also super reliable in those bigger waves.

Magini’s Bikinis
Magini's Bikinis
Maggies tops are just the best. I don’t know what it is, but they just seem to STICK! Its hard to find a good bikini top that holds you in after a strong wipe out or a duck dive. Making sure your boobies aren’t poking out is the last thing you want to be worrying about when you can see that next set wave is going to be landing on your head, thats why i adore her brand. Not to mention all the adorable colours and prints she has available.

Magini's Bikinis
IMSY Swimwear
This is the next brand to be tried and tested and I’m excited to place my order very soon. I have absolute complete faith that i am going to love these bikinis. Katie, the owner of IMSY Swimwear, is so delightfully charming that it shines through in her slinky yet tasteful designs.
Not to mention that all of these lovely ladies are great surfers, which means they are all able to fathom the importance of a firm and durable bikini. Whats your #1 choice?

Daily workout tip…
I have already had my 3 hour surf session. This afternoon i have some spare time sooooooo, today i am going to challenge myself to the UFC Fit Fat Fighter. Wish me luck and remember… we are not here to look pretty, so lets get sweaty! Here is a little motivation to get the blood pumping.

Adriana Lima
Do it like Adriana is watching.