Amsterdam Lovers

The land of nutella cookies and the munchies. The perfect place to unwind after a hard season in the sun.

From above.

Drone DJI Phantom 3
I haven’t seen the sun in a few days, but what i have seen is a lot of bikes!


Smart Travel
With the amount of delicious nibbles around here its no wonder why people choose to get a little extra exercise… I approve : )

New Toys

After flying our first Drone Phantom 2 Vision Plus into the water (a very expensive mistake) we purchased the new Drone Phantom 3 DJI.

Not getting too ahead of ourselves, we have been sticking mainly to ‘lifestyle‘ photos and videos. We cant risk making the same mistake twice… at least not just yet ; )

Heavenly View Playground Surf Resort Jungle Fever
Ooooooh yes! A little piece of paradise. The Playground Surf Resort in the Mentawai. We all get island fever every now and again, but as soon as you leave, you can wait to go back!