Flip the Switch

Charging at BankVaults, Victor Cestari.

The ocean can be unpredictable, so can people. I left the island for a few days and my handbag was stolen, from my hand, by a passer by on a motorbike. NOT cool (sad face).

Next time i’m sat at the resort with not much going on, waiting for the swell to ‘turn on’, kinda wishing i could be in the city somewhere so i could attend a yoga class or go out to the movies… i’ll remind myself that the grass is not always greener.

Island Life is where its at @PlaygroundSurfResort

New Toys

After flying our first Drone Phantom 2 Vision Plus into the water (a very expensive mistake) we purchased the new Drone Phantom 3 DJI.

Not getting too ahead of ourselves, we have been sticking mainly to ‘lifestyle‘ photos and videos. We cant risk making the same mistake twice… at least not just yet ; )

Heavenly View Playground Surf Resort Jungle Fever
Ooooooh yes! A little piece of paradise. The Playground Surf Resort in the Mentawai. We all get island fever every now and again, but as soon as you leave, you can wait to go back!